Ludwig van Beethoven: 250 Years – Sonata “Pathetique”

17 December 2020 marks 250 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (he was baptised on 17 December 1770, but his real date of birth was probably 16 December 1770). Considered by many to be the greatest composer who has ever lived, Beethoven composed some of the world-famous classical music compositions, from Piano Sonata No. 14 (“Moonlight Sonata”) to “Emperor Concerto”. I would like take this opportunity to share one of his masterpieces – the beginning of “Sonata Pathetique”, No. 8. My favourite performance of this piece is by Vladimir Ashkenazy at the University of Essex in Colchester in 1972.


8 thoughts on “Ludwig van Beethoven: 250 Years – Sonata “Pathetique”

  1. I have mixed feelings about Beethoven’s music. I’ve played a lot of his songs on the piano, and some of them I like (like Moonlight Sonata) but others just come across as too…dramatic? That might be the word for it. Some parts of his songs are soft and lovely and then suddenly they get loud and overpowering. I’m like, Beethoven, make up your mind. But this song is quite lovely!

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