Fryderyk Chopin: Waltz in A Minor

I am wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year! Let 2022 bring only happiness to all of us. To say goodbye to 2021, I have chosen this piece of elegant simplicity by Fryderyk Chopin (Nocturne Op. 9 No.2). Though quite melancholy, it is not without tender touches of hope.

10 thoughts on “Fryderyk Chopin: Waltz in A Minor

  1. Beautiful. Chopin’s talents are other-worldly. Oddly, I just started reading a short novel by the French author, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, called Madame Pylinska et le secret de Chopin. So far, Schmitt’s descriptions on the page aptly describe Chopin’s genius.

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      1. This is fiction and it’s very short but I’m really enjoying it. The author must have some direct experience with Chopin–both its beauty and the difficulty of playing it well.

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