25 Music Hits from the 1980s

tapes-everywhereThis will be an unusual post for me, but since I have heard of the death of Marie Fredriksson (1958 – 2019), once lead singer in Swedish band Roxette, I thought I would also pay tribute on my blog to the music (and love ballads) of the 1980s by compiling a list of memorable songs from that decade. In the 1980s, Roxette had a hit song – “The Look[1989] and it is also the band behind song “It Must Have Been Love” [1987], featured in a film Pretty Woman [1990]. Even though I do not listen to the 1980s music much anymore, I recognise that that decade produced some of the greatest hits ever, especially in pop music, and, in my humble opinion, no music could compare to the instantly recognisable beat of the 1980s. This was also the decade that produced the best love songs, whose quality (and cheesiness!) is unmatched to this day. In no particular order (trying to feature different genres without repeating artists):  

I. Pet Shop Boys – “West End Girls” [1984]

II. A-Ha – “Take On Me” [1985] 

III. Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” [1986]

IV. John Waite – “Missing You” [1984]

V. Guns N’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” [1987]

VI. Toto – “Africa” [1982]

VII. Laura Branigan – “Self-Control” [1984]

VIII. Robert Palmer – “Simply Irresistible” [1988]

IX. Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” [1982]

X. Blondie – “Call Me” [1980]

XI. Richard Marx – “Angelia” [1989]

XII. Phil Collins – “In the Air Tonight” [1981]

XIII. Berlin – “Take My Breath Away” [1986]

XIV. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – “The Power of Love” [1984] (see also Huey Lewis and the News – “Power of Love” [1985]) 

XV. Billy Idol – “Rebel Yell” [1983]

XVI. W.A.S.P.  – “Sleeping (In the Fire)” [1984]

XVII. Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes” [1986]

XVIII. Lionel Richie – “Hello” [1983]

XIX. Joy Division – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” [1980]

XX. Foreigner – “I Want to Know What Love Is” [1984]

XXI. Mr. Mister – “Broken Wings” [1985]

XXII. Bryan Adams – “Summer of ’69” [1984]

XXIII. Def Leppard – “Love Bites” [1987]

XXIV. Wham! – “Careless Whisper” [1984]

XXV. Kenny Loggins – “Danger Zone” [1986]

Obviously, this is just a selection, and there are many more, including from artists The Police, U2, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Tina Turner, Chicago, REO Speedwagon and Alannah Myles. Though the following three songs were released in 1990, I still consider them worth mentioning because they helped to define (put finishing touches on) the beat/music of the 1980s: Seal – “Crazy”, Scorpions – “Wind of Change” & Depeche Mode – “Enjoy the Silence”. Did/do you enjoy music of the 1980s? What was/is your favourite band/song?


22 thoughts on “25 Music Hits from the 1980s

    1. The Cars had great songs! I also noticed the gulf between the visuals of videos and the music. The music was often out of this world, but music videos could not match it. Oh, the 1980s…such high music standards – if only the technology could catch up.

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    1. Absolutely, and also before and after. So much talent emerged or reached its height in the 1980s – it is unbelievable. If I want to listen to quality pop – it is definitely the 1980s. Just recently listened to Suzanne Vega’s “Luka” again and that also inspired me to do this post.

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  1. Great list! The two bands not listed that I loved were Eurythmics (“Here comes the rain again”) and Yazoo (“Baby” from Upstairs at Eric’s album). I remember singing along to all the songs in your 25 on FM radio! -Rebecca

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    1. Thank you! Yes, these are great additions, thanks, especially Eurythmics. There was just something about the 80s music that wakes you up, makes you want to dance and feel alive. Very special.

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