Gabriel Yared: The English Patient

My favourite film composer Gabriel Yared (1949-) is 70 years old today, and I am taking this opportunity to pay tribute by sharing his musical masterpiece below. Born in Beirut, Yared gained his law degree before switching to music composition while studying in France. Apart from The English Patient, Gabriel Yared is also known as a composer for such films as Betty Blue, Camille Claudel, The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain.


8 thoughts on “Gabriel Yared: The English Patient

    1. Yes, isn’t he? No matter how many times I listen to this I am always just amazed by the music. I am also so happy I saw him for the first time when Royal Albert Hall hosted one of their things – The English Patient with live orchestra last year, that is one evening I will never forget 🙂

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  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of Gabriel Yard before, though I’ve heard of a lot of the films he’s composed for. But if this song is any indication, I want to listen to his compositions more. It’s absolutely breathtaking, especially when that humming woman comes in with the piano! So pretty!


    1. Yes, absolutely! I think Gabriel Yared is a genius of a sort because only a genius could compose something so beautiful and memorable. Tastes differ of course, but I really think this is the greatest film soundtrack ever produced. The curious thing about The English Patient soundtrack is that each song composed by Yared is unbelievably beautiful (there is quite a number apart from this one there). He really deserved his Oscar for this.

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