The 14th Readers Imbibing Peril Reading Challenge

rip14 imageIt is not long now until that spooky period of the year begins when we have to be careful if we do not want to become victims of witches, goblins and vampires. Halloween has always been my favourite festivity, maybe because I was born near this period and have always been fascinated by mysteries and the unknown. Thus, this year I have decided to participate in The Fourteenth Readers Imbibing Peril (R.I.P.) Reading Challenge hosted by Andi, and this challenge is all about reading books of mystery, horror, dark fantasy, or the supernatural. There are numerous levels of participation, such as Peril on the Screen and Peril of the Short Story, and I am going for Peril The First which means my goal is to read four books of any length in the broad horror genre in the month of October 2019. I do not have a preliminary list of books, but I do have a goal to cover the works of Shirley Jackson and Edgar Allan Poe. Does this challenge sound interesting to you? Would you like to participate?


16 thoughts on “The 14th Readers Imbibing Peril Reading Challenge

  1. I love this challenge and I love seeing what people are reading but it always comes too quickly after 20 Books of Summer for me to take it on formally. I will certainly keep an eye out for recommendations – I love good horror fiction.

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    1. The great thing about this challenge is that not only horror counts, but also a thriller if it has some spooky elements or a fantasy novel with some dark elements. I am thinking about reviewing a non-fiction book for this one too.


  2. I have seen so many bloggers participating in this or similar challenges. Seems like horror is popular in the autumn. I hope you will enjoy your chosen books. Since I can’t commit to anything, I never participate in challenges, but I will enjoy following how everyone else gets along with their horror/mystery reads.

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  3. I have enjoyed reading for the R.I.P. challenge since it was first conceived by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings. It is such a fun way for us readers to celebrate autumn, is it not? Already I have read four books for it, and I suspect that I enjoy mysteries and thrillers as much as translated lit…😌

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