3 Quirky Museums of Paris

These three museums are small, but they have their own peculiar attraction, and, therefore, are worth visiting.  

Museum Paris CinemaI. Cinema Museum (Musée du Cinéma)  

This tiny museum is part of the Cinémathèque Française, and is a host to a variety of objects on the history of cinema, from cinema projectors and props used in old films, to film costumes, original sketches and old photographs. The general impression on the web is that this museum is exclusively for cinephiles. However, given the nature of the artefacts on display, more people may be interested in visiting it. For example, there is a Mrs. Bates’s skull from Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie Psycho [1960] on display, and who has not yet seen this psychological thriller masterpiece? It will be interesting for anyone who is into unusual and macabre artefacts, as well as Hitchcockian films. There is also a robot on display from the iconic science-fiction movie by Fritz Lang – Metropolis [1927], and that fact alone can draw many people in, for example, those who are interested in history and science-fiction props. Address: 51 Rue de Bercy, Paris. 


II. Museum of Counterfeiting (Musée de la Contrefaçon)

This small museum is unusual because it showcases the counterfeit merchandise. It has many intriguing objects on display from technology items, art and children’s toys to luxury beauty and fashion items, such as watches and ladies’ bags. The interesting thing is that you can compare the items on display because the genuine products are presented alongside their fake counterparts. Some of these objects found their way to the museum through real confiscating procedures, while others were donated. An insightful visit overall for anyone who has at least some interest in the topic. Address: 16 Rue de la Faisanderie, Paris. 

Museum of MagicIII. Museum of Magic (Musée de la Magie)

If one is a bit tired of the Louvre (I do not see how is that possible, but it happens) and wants to see something unusual, then this little museum offers its visitors a tour of the collection on the history of illusion and magic. There are “magical” objects on display, including the devices used by “magicians” in the past and old toys, as well as surprising pictures and other engravings to contemplate. Moreover, there is a special room dedicated to optical illusions, and the entry price includes the magical show. It is especially recommended for those who are fans of all things magic and illusion. If you need more persuasion to visit this place then Atlas Obscura says that the building housing the museum is actually “the 16th century vaulted cellar of what was once the Marquis de Sade’s house.” The adjoining Musée du Automates may also be worth visiting. Address: 11 Rue Saint-Paul, Paris. 


5 thoughts on “3 Quirky Museums of Paris

  1. These sound delightful! I prefer small one-subject museums to the big sprawling art galleries where I find I end up exhausted and feeling as if I’ve only ever scratched the surface! If I had to choose, I think the cinema museum would win, but I’d really like to visit the magic one too… 😀

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