Japanese ASMR: Garden & Onsen

I feel like sharing today some of my favourite Japanese ASMR videos. I am sure at least one of them I first saw on Content Catnip, an amazing website dedicated to quirky, curious aspects related to all things travel, history, music, art, spirituality, natural world and much more.

I love the sound of gentle rain, and this view to a Japanese garden is very cosy. Traditional Japanese stone lanterns, a Buddha statue and cutlery for brewing ocha are a magical combination (creator Cosmic Resort).

Onsen are Japanese hot springs, bathing inns, and there are many such facilities in Japan. This view, accompanied by soothing music, is very relaxing (creator New Bliss).

This sumptuous view to a Japanese garden is accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s score to the film The Last Samurai (creator RainMaster).


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