Yann Tiersen: Rue des Cascades

Yann Tiersen (1970-) is a French musician and composer that likes to experiment with different instruments when creating his music. He is most famous for his soundtrack to film Amélie [2001]. Below I am sharing his composition Rue des Cascades (the instrumental version).

5 thoughts on “Yann Tiersen: Rue des Cascades

  1. I remember being assigned to watch Amelie in a class I took about world films, and even though I found it a bit artsy and weird for my taste, the main thing that stood out to me was the soundtrack. It’s so breathtaking! I’ve never heard of Tiersen, but now I want to learn more about him!

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    1. Yes, his music is very interesting. There is something whimsical and experimental to it and, seen in this light, it is easy to see why it was deemed the perfect choice for Amelie’s soundtrack.

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