Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894)

dl-portrait-npg-robert-louis-stevenson Today marks 169 years since the birth of Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish author behind such books as Treasure Island [1883], Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide [1886], Kidnapped [1886] and The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses [1888]. I started reading his books at a very early age and continue to admire Stevenson’s power of imagination and a sense of wonder in his books and short stories. He has also been admired by many famous writers, including Henry James, Ernest Hemingway and Vladimir Nabokov, who included Stevenson’s tale Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide in his famous Lectures on Literature. 

To become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life” 

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” (Robert Louis Stevenson).


12 thoughts on “Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894)

    1. You are right. I think he is one of the best of British writers. I think there is the reconsideration of his work even now with many believing that his work belongs to the shelf of the most serious high quality literature and not merely to the shelf of children’s fantasy. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What an exceptional author! I’ve only read a couple of his books (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island), but there is just something beautiful about his writing. I had no idea he died so young, though. Only 44! A great writer he was, and important to remember.

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    1. I agree, absolutely. He led a very interesting life too, journeying to the Pacific, etc. This autumn I visited the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh (his birth place), and seen many of his old photographs and life possessions – he was a very interesting man, leading often a very uneasy life.

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    1. That must be a very valuable book for your family. I love old book, and that one I have not read. His Treasure Island was my irreplaceable companion growing up. I was quite a tomboy.

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