The 15th Readers Imbibing Peril Reading Challenge

My favourite time of the year has started, and this year I have decided to start the Readers Imbibing Peril Reading Challenge earlier than usual. This is because, firstly, yes, I am impatient to delve into all those exciting scary books, and, secondly, I want to have plenty of time to decide what I want read for this challenge, and then read and review those books. This year I spotted this challenge at Robin’s A Fondness for Reading (it was first started by Carl V), and the goal is to read a certain number of books associated with the Halloween season. This year I am planning to read at least four books in one or more of the following categories: horror, thriller, mystery, dark fantasy and the supernatural. I have not yet decided on specific books, but I will definitely be reading something from both Daphne du Maurier and Shirley Jackson. Are you participating in this challenge this year? What authors or books are you planning to read?


15 thoughts on “The 15th Readers Imbibing Peril Reading Challenge

  1. I’ll gladly join you in this challenge and will also read four. I am hoping to overlap this challenge with others I am already working on like my “Celebration of Color” challenge.

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    1. That’s great that you are joining in and plan to read four books as well. Your “Celebration of Colour” Challenge also sounds interesting. Speaking of colours, I am just one book away from completing my “colour-coded” challenge to read books with different colours mentioned in their titles – it is the blue which I still miss.

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  2. I’ve just returned to blogging after many, many years away, I’m glad this challenge is still running it was one of my favourites. I love duMaurier and Jackson’s books.

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